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Laura Johnson is a candidate for Circuit Judge of Christian County, Division 2.  Laura’s decision to run for Judge was not made lightly or recently.  Laura has had a dream of serving the people of Christian County as Judge for over twenty years, since she was law clerk to a federal district judge.  As law clerk, Laura ran the courtroom for the Judge, handling all aspects of civil and criminal trial.  She is the only candidate with experience behind the bench.  Laura was able to observe first hand the impact the Judge had on the lives and freedom of the people who came before him.  She understands how important is the position of Judge to the people of Christian County and is honored to have the chance to serve Christian Countians as Judge.

Twenty-five years ago Laura and her husband Todd moved to Christian County because they loved its communities, people, schools, values and lifestyle.  Since then, Laura has practiced law at Ellis, Ellis, Hammons and Johnson, P.C.  She has represented clients in many different types of cases in many different courts.  Laura has handled hundreds of actions in state and federal trial courts and agencies, state and federal courts of appeals, and even the United States Supreme Court.   Laura will bring a breadth and depth of experience to the position of Circuit Judge that makes her the most qualified candidate.

Laura believes that justice delayed is justice denied.  She believes courtrooms should operate efficiently and without unnecessary cost and delay.   Laura believes that all litigants should be treated with respect.  As a Judge, Laura will be fair and impartial, deciding cases based on the evidence.  She will not be influenced by special interests. 

Laura is not a politician.  She is a lawyer, mother, friend, neighbor.  She does not view the position of Circuit Judge as a job, but as the fulfillment of a dream to serve the people of Christian County, people whom she cares about deeply.    Laura would be honored to be Circuit Judge of Christian County and would appreciate your support on August 5th.

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